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Barrington Fitness II

Updated: Dec 06, 2014 2:53pm PST

Jay and Casey

Updated: Nov 09, 2014 7:53pm PST

Personal Work

A place for the random shots that I enjoy, but fit no category. Most ...

Updated: Jul 03, 2014 6:00am PST

Joyce and Greg

Updated: Nov 11, 2013 10:02pm PST

Jason and Casey

Engagement Session

Updated: Oct 21, 2013 8:12pm PST

Jeff and Diana

Updated: Oct 21, 2013 8:01pm PST

Mike and Kaitlin

Updated: Oct 14, 2013 8:51pm PST

Bert and Kristen

Dunes Club - Narragansett RI

Updated: Sep 14, 2013 9:22pm PST

Puzzle Pieces Soccer Club

Updated: May 08, 2013 4:13am PST

Bikes and such

Updated: Apr 30, 2013 4:47am PST

Down City: Providence

Urban, cityscape

Updated: Dec 30, 2012 6:49am PST

James Grasso Headshots

Updated: Dec 27, 2012 9:13pm PST

New England

A variety of Ocean and Landscape ralated photography from around New E ...

Updated: Dec 13, 2012 2:16pm PST

Chris and Linds

Updated: Dec 11, 2012 2:14pm PST

Whistler Trip 2012

Updated: Oct 02, 2012 10:38am PST

Wicked Big Meet 2012

Updated: Jun 13, 2012 7:53pm PST

James Grasso

Updated: May 17, 2012 8:26pm PST

Marc Troob

Updated: Mar 04, 2012 5:17pm PST

Mount Washington Winter Ascent

Updated: Feb 05, 2012 8:43pm PST

Trail race_12-18-11_Wakefield

Prints and digital downloads come without the watermark ;)

Updated: Dec 19, 2011 8:39pm PST


8x11" Lanscape orientation

Updated: Dec 13, 2011 7:39pm PST

Gianna G

Updated: Nov 28, 2011 6:10pm PST


Updated: Nov 28, 2011 5:38pm PST

Doug and Val

Updated: Nov 15, 2011 9:18pm PST

Cam-Nick Album

Updated: Nov 14, 2011 8:08pm PST

Jeff And Angela

Updated: Oct 25, 2011 4:58pm PST

Gravity East Race 10/17/2011

Last Gravity East race of the season, held at Highland Mountain Bike P ...

Updated: Oct 17, 2011 9:57pm PST

Sarah and Justin

Updated: Oct 11, 2011 5:13pm PST

Josh Macktaz @ Law

Updated: Oct 04, 2011 7:43pm PST


Updated: Sep 25, 2011 7:20pm PST

Bethany Macktaz @ Law

Updated: Sep 19, 2011 7:09pm PST

Steph Logan

Senior Session

Updated: Sep 10, 2011 8:01am PST

Portraits / People

A collection of portraits (Not for Sale)

Updated: Sep 06, 2011 9:06pm PST

Rayna and Dominic

Updated: Sep 06, 2011 7:16pm PST

Camille and Nick

Updated: Aug 15, 2011 8:17pm PST

Sara and Seth Desjarlais

Photos from the 6/26/2011 Wedding of Sara Malouin and Seth Desjarlais

Updated: Jul 30, 2011 4:54pm PST

Jess and Jim

Photos from the 6/18 wedding of Jess and Jim O'Brien!

Updated: Jul 05, 2011 12:19pm PST


Updated: May 27, 2011 7:51am PST


Updated: Apr 20, 2011 3:39pm PST

JDM Nissan Pulsar

Authentic 1993 JDM Nissan Pulsar - AWD 2.0T

Updated: Apr 10, 2011 8:47am PST

Misc Auto's

Updated: Apr 10, 2011 8:47am PST

Heather and Mike

Updated: Dec 01, 2010 4:47am PST

Kancamangus Run 2010

Updated: Sep 28, 2010 7:29am PST


Updated: Sep 24, 2010 5:23pm PST

Stop Motion Video

Updated: Sep 20, 2010 9:18am PST

Jennifer and Ian

The Chicago destination wedding of Jennifer Flatley and Ian Shmitz

Updated: Sep 18, 2010 10:47am PST

Heather and Mike

Images from the 7/24/10 Wedding of Heather Lessard and Michael Clausen

Updated: Aug 24, 2010 4:48pm PST

Brianna And Josh

Photos from the 7/10/10 wedding of Brianna and Joshua Factor! The Gal ...

Updated: Aug 09, 2010 8:38pm PST


Updated: Aug 08, 2010 7:57am PST

Wicked Big Meet 2010

Any purchased orders will have the watermark removed

Updated: Jun 23, 2010 4:32pm PST

Hockey - 2/21/10

Updated: Feb 21, 2010 3:56pm PST

John Calcagni @ Law

Website material for John Calcagni @ Law

Updated: Jan 17, 2010 6:21pm PST

Maura's Album

Updated: Nov 30, 2009 6:49am PST

Marta and Gus

The wedding of Gus and Marta at the Crown Plaza in Warwick RI. Galler ...

Updated: Nov 22, 2009 8:16pm PST


Big Griffen, only 9 says old at the time of the shoot. Perhaps the mo ...

Updated: Oct 18, 2009 12:30pm PST

Dillon Nelson

Updated: Oct 01, 2009 6:03pm PST


Updated: Sep 30, 2009 5:06pm PST


Updated: Sep 09, 2009 7:16pm PST

Shanna and Casey Factor

The Punta Cana, Dominican Republic Destination wedding of Shanna Smith ...

Updated: Aug 20, 2009 7:35pm PST


Updated: Aug 15, 2009 12:03pm PST

Baby GG

Baby Gianna Giampietro. Approximately 1 month old...

Updated: Aug 13, 2009 5:27am PST

Mike and Maura King

The Gallery of Mike and Maura King. Married 6/26, it was my pleasure ...

Updated: Jul 23, 2009 9:16pm PST


All Images are available for license. Please call or email for details ...

Updated: Jun 06, 2009 6:56pm PST


Senior Portraits for Brooke

Updated: May 27, 2009 6:42pm PST

MazdaSpeed 3

Updated: Feb 21, 2009 7:27pm PST

Band Promo

Updated: Jan 07, 2009 8:18pm PST

Erin's Album


Updated: Jan 01, 2009 6:36pm PST

High Speed Jesus...and friends

Best viewed xxlarge!

Updated: Dec 14, 2008 12:48pm PST

Band Promo Proofs

Updated: Dec 03, 2008 7:56am PST

Block Island Family Portraits

The Vaughan family and Relatives

Updated: Nov 17, 2008 3:16pm PST

Miner-Ross Wedding

Thank you

Updated: Oct 17, 2008 7:26pm PST

Porsche 996

Updated: Sep 09, 2008 7:58pm PST

Specht Orthopedic

Posture Belt

Updated: Sep 04, 2008 9:32pm PST


Amanda sadly passed away this August 2009, nearly 1 year after these s ...

Updated: Aug 02, 2008 9:21am PST

DJ & Eloisa Lescault

Wedding Ceremony - Jamestown, RI Had an awesome time photographing ...

Updated: Jul 23, 2008 4:24pm PST


BMW F800S Motorcycle Shoot

Updated: Jul 06, 2008 9:22pm PST


Independence Day - Back yard Style

Updated: Jul 05, 2008 7:28am PST